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Restaurant Directory Washington State: About Tasty Local Eats

Our directory was born out of a desire to find a way to resolve 2 issues thrust upon us by COVID-19.

1) To provide hungry locals with a resource to find in one convenient place all their favorite restaurants that are still open in Washington State.
Restaurants providing online ordering, takeout, curbside pickup, and delivery, whether they are at home (and tired of cooking) or at work.

2) To support restaurants in the local communities to help them survive and get through the eye of the COVID-19 storm.


Our platform Tasty Local Eats is here to get us through these trying times. Tasty Local Eats provides you with a resource, where you can
find with just a click of your mouse, or a tap of your finger, restaurants that are still open to serve you your favorite foods.

Restaurants offering options like online ordering, pre-ordering, online payment, curbside pick, takeout, and delivery so you don’t
have to leave your house.
Here at Tasty Local Eats, our top priority is helping our neighbors/communities and Washington State
restaurants make it through these challenging times.
As we continue to monitor the ongoing health crisis, you can trust that our
restaurant partners will adhere to the restrictions put in place to protect our friends, families, and communities.


We are all in this together and this is our way of trying to make this whole health crisis situation, easier to handle with a full stomach of
tasty food. -:) #supportlocal



Please email us at: listingswa@tastylocaleats.com for any questions you may have about setting up your listing.


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